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1. Notarize documents with a Canadian Notary Public,
2. A copy of a directors valid passport and contact telephone numbers

The consul shall also verify the powers of the representative of the juridical person on the basis of:
Availability of his office certificate with a photograph indicating the fact that the person is the CEO;
Certified extracts of the minutes about the appointment of the officials empowered to sign documents on behalf of the said legal person;
Power of attorney for carrying out a specific action.
Legal competence of a juridical person (office, enterprise, organization) shall be established on the basis of the charter documents (Charter, Foundation Agreement. For not-for-profit organizations on the basis of General Provisions and registration documents).


1. Notarize documents with a Canadian Notary Public,
2. Authenticate the document(s) at the Department of Foreign Affairs & International Trade Canada
3. A copy of the valid passport and your contact telephone numbers

If you have any additional questions, please contact the Consular Section or legalization consultants at RCTC Corporation



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